The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) will become an ambassador of Naxos for Education as part of a joint Audience Development Partnership from the 2022/23 Season onwards, the organizations say in a press release.

Building on the long-standing relationship between the HK Phil and Naxos with many recordings, this initiative is launched to support their shared goal to bring the finest classical music to the community – either in a concert hall, or through recordings.

Featuring the world’s largest collection and an unrivalled breadth of classical music recordings from nearly 1,000 major and independent labels, Naxos Music Library (NML) offers on demand and on-the-go streaming services. Through a ‘Keep Calm and Listen On’ campaign, local residents are encouraged to enjoy free access to Naxos Music Library via the Hong Kong Public Libraries with a library card or after registering with their Hong Kong Identity Card.

Furthermore, the HK Phil’s Young Audience Scheme members will be given complimentary access to Naxos MusicBox, a beautifully curated online resource for children ages 4-14, to explore and discover musical treasures on their own, as they can build up their knowledge and appetite of classical music before attending HK Phil concerts.

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