The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the board of Rotterdam Philharmonic Festivals, organizer of the Gergiev Festival, have decided to terminate their cooperation with Valery Gergiev with immediate effect, the Orchestra announced after speaking to the conductor.

Here is the official news release: « Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week, Valery Gergiev has been asked to respond and openly distance himself from President Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Cooperation with the conductor was suspended in the meantime as stated in last Friday’s press release.

Last night there was contact with Gergiev and in this conversation the gap proved unbridgeable. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Rotterdam Philharmonic Festivals are therefore forced to end the cooperation with the conductor. The concerts with him will be cancelled, including the NTR Saturday Matinee. The Gergiev Festival will cease to exist.

This break brings to an end a profound collaboration between the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Valery Gergiev that dates back to 1988. Although the end of this collaboration is a painful decision from a musical point of view, both organizations see no other option. »

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