Sad record: On the Valery Gergiev Facebook page the following truly inglorious news was published: « Back in St Petersburg now, during the last eight days Valery Gergiev has conducted eighteen concerts (sic!) in thirteen cities as part of the 12th Moscow Easter Festival that he founded in 2002. Festival events take place not only in Moscow but in many Russian regions. The Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra is a regular participant of the Festival. Travelling on board a special chartered train, Maestro Gergiev conducted concerts in Moscow (May 5, afternoon and evening), Smolensk (May 6, morning and afternoon), Bryansk (May 6, evening), Belgorod (May 7, morning), Kursk (May 7, afternoon), Oryol (May 7, evening), Tula (May 8, morning), Kaluga (May 8, evening), Moscow (May 9, afternoon and evening), Nizhny Novgorod (May 10, afternoon and evening), Kostroma (May 11, morning), Yaroslavl (May 11, evening), Vologda (May 12, afternoon) and Cherepovets (May 12, evening). Concerts from May 5 to 9 featured pianist Denis Matsuev, while the Mariinsky Opera Soloists and the Mariinsky Chorus joined the orchestra for a set of concerts from May 10 to 12 to perform oratorial works and operas. »

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