Florian Noack

In Leipzig, on 1 April, for the first time, the ICMA Award Ceremony taking place prior to the Gala Concert will not only comprise the trophy presentations and related speeches, but also music performances. In its General Assembly in Luslawice, the Jury members decided to include this year and in the following Award Ceremonies some music played by winners.

In Leipzig, at the Chamber Music Hall of the Gewandhaus, the audience will listen to performances by Ensemble Esperanza, the young and brilliant chamber music orchestra from Liechtenstein, winner of a Special Achievement Award, to this year’s Discovery Award winner, 15-year-old German pianist Robert Neumann, and to the Belgian pianist Florian Noack who will play excerpts from his winning CD with works by Lyapunov.

The Award Ceremony will start at 17h00 and is open to the public. Entrance is free without reservation.

Ensemble Esperanza
(c) Christine Kocher

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