Les Echos – Le Parisien Group has announced its acquisition of a 95% share in EuroArts, a producer and rights owners of audiovisual classical music programs, based in Berlin. The other 5% will remain with the company’s founder, Bernd Hellthaler.

Les Echos-Le Parisien Group thus confirms its ambition to create a worldwide group of classical music assets, featuring TV with Mezzo – in partnership with Group Canal+ -,  a digital platform with Medici, radio with Radio Classique and some heritage audiovisual catalogues.

Under the leadership of Sandrine Laffont, Bernd Hellthaler as Managing Directors and Luc Moser the company policy will be continued, in close relationship with the management of Les Echos, Bérénice Lajouanie and Hervé Boissière. Tom Baer will serve as Consultant.

Founded in 1979 in Germany by Bernd Hellthaler, EuroArts over the past four decades has produced many excellent programs and has established long term relationships with the soloists, singers, orchestras, opera houses, classical and jazz festivals, dance companies or documentaries directors.

EuroArts has produced and owns today over 800 original programs.

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