Francesca Pia Vitale and Carles Pachon together with Liz Mohn, & Dominique Meyer
© Bertelsmann Stiftung

Francesca Pia Vitale (*1995) from Italy and Carles Pachon (*1995) from Spain won the 2022 Neue Stimmen International Singing Competition. Each of the two singers will receive €15,000 in prize money. They were chosen during the final round in the Stadthalle Gütersloh among 11 candidates. Francesca Pia Vitale is also the recipient of the Audience Prize.

The complete list of winners looks like this:


1st Prize, €15,000: Francesca Pia Vitale (Italy) – soprano
2nd Prize, €10,000: Eugénie Joneau (France) – mezzo-soprano
3rd Prize, €5,000: Yewon Han (Korea) – soprano


1st Prize, €15,000: Carles Pachon (Spain) – tenor
2nd Prize, €10,000: Sakhiwe Mkosana (South Africa) – baritone
3rd Prize, €5,000: Dumitru Mitu (Moldova) – tenor

Francesca Pia Vitale and Carles Pachon together with Liz Mohn, president of Neue Stimmen and of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Liz Mohn Center and jury chairman Dominique Meyer, CEO of La Scala Milan
© Bertelsmann Stiftung

Baritone Taehan Kim from South Korea is the winner of the Brian Dickie Young Talent Award, which includes prize money of €5,000. The jury also awarded two Talent Development Prizes for the first time to tenor Zachary Rioux from Canada and soprano Parchiyachart Sitthidamrongkarn from Thailand. The Talent Development Prize is provided by the Mascarade Opera Studio and the Fondazione Mascarade in Florence. It comes with a stay of up to three weeks in Florence and the chance to become a permanent member of the studio there.

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