It happens that one can see a patron reading a printed score during a concert. And it happens also that the patron’s neighbour feels distracted by the page-turning. Now imagine somebody following the score on a smartphone or a tablet. And yet, it’s exactly what the Royal Philharmonic will try at Cadogan Hall in its Myths and Fairytales series. The app EnCue by Octava, so it is announced, delivers real-time programme notes to audiences’ mobile or tablet devices.

Using the so called Darkscreen™ Technology, the app is designed to deliver ‘glance optimised’ information without distracting the viewer, or those around them, from the performance.

« EnCue by Octava is a unique app designed to help and assist the participant through a musical journey. We of course welcome all users, but the tone is specifically aimed towards new and potentially younger audiences, offering a real-time insight into the music being played live on stage by the Orchestra », Chris Evans, RPO Director of Press and Marketing says.

The use of the app is limited and allowed only in a designated seating area.

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