After the Finnish magazine Long Play published an article about a classical music professional’s inappropriate and harassing behavior towards young men, conductor Jonas Rannila said on Facebook that this professional was no other than him. Now, the 35-year-old conductor who is currently Music Director of Opera Box, Artistic Director of the Helsinki Philharmonic Choir and Artistic Director of the Finnish Oratorio Choir has been fired by the Finnish National Opera.

Long Play reported in the article that the conductor (whose name was not mentioned) gathered young men around him, offering them jobs, organizing parties and befriending them. The article says that the musician started sending lascivious messages, spreading intimate details, touching and performing oral sex without permission.

On Facebook, Rannila says that he has « failed to understand the importance of my slowly developing power in my private life and my behavior has therefore offended others. » Yet he also says: « I cannot endorse the allegations in the article as such and I hope that I can address the issues with those concerned. I offer my deepest apologies to anyone who has been offended by my behavior. This was not my intention. I also apologize for any inconvenience caused to my colleagues, associates and employers. I hope that my privacy will be respected and that I will be able to deal with things in peace. I have understood the problematic aspects of my behavior and will act differently in the future.

I thank those close to me for their support. I will not comment further. »

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