NFM Wroclaw

With a reduced program of only five concerts and respecting the rules of distancing, the 55th International Festival Wratislavia Cantans will start on 11 September with an Homage to Penderecki. Director Andrzej Kosendiak says: « 2020 brought a new and unknown situation, and it affected everyone. The new world that will emerge after the pandemic will certainly be different. We hope it will be better. Humanity occasionally experiences similar events. Epidemics, wars, disasters and plagues have always accompanied us. Sometimes they are associated with breakthroughs, mark the end of some civilization, or become the beginning of something new and wonderful. (…) The theme of this year’s Wratislavia Cantans is ‘Lights to the World’. Sound and light are waves, differing in length. Sound waves need air to propagate. Music will not sound in a vacuum. Light and air are a living environment for people, plants and animals – music is a space for beauty. We think of all who help each other in these difficult times. »

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