Yehudi Menuhin

The Menuhin Competition has announced the 22 Junior and 22 Senior candidates for the 2016 competition, taking place at London’s Royal Academy of Music from April 7-17th. The country list ios leaded by South Korea (25%), the US and Japan. Astonishingly there is only one candidate coming from Russia. Interestingly, 36 of the 44 candidates accepted into the 2016 competition are female – with only 1 sole male set to perform in the Senior division.

The 2016 jury comprises Chairwoman Pamela Frank, former laureates Julia Fischer, Ray Chen, Tasmin Little, Ning Feng and Joji Hattori, pianist Jeremy Menuhin, violinist Dong-Suk Kang and Verbier Festival Director, Martin Engstroem.

The 22 x 2016 Junior competitors are:

Matvei Bliumin (11, Russia)
Olivia Chen (13, USA)
Elli Choi (14, USA)
Johan Dalene (15, Sweden)
Marley Erickson (12, USA)
Kristina Georgieva (14, Bulgaria)
Klara Gronet (15, Poland)
Ria Honda (15, Japan)
Antoni Ingielewicz (14, Poland)
Yeyeong Jin (12, South Korea)
NaKyung Kang (12, South Korea)
Byeol Kim (15, South Korea)
Anne Luisa Kramb (15, Germany)
EunSeo Lee (14, South Korea)
Yesong Sophie Lee (12, USA)
Hina Maeda (13, Japan)
Kevin Miura (13, USA/Japan)
Mahiru Moriyama (15, Japan)
Michael Rosborg Germer (13, Denmark)
Takumi Taguchi (14, USA/Japan)
Samuel Tan (10, Singapore)
Coco Tomita (13, Japan)

The 22 x 2016 Senior competitors are:

Merve Birbir (18, Turkey)
Qing Yu Chen (15, USA)
Yu-Ting Chen (20, Taiwan)
Larissa Cidlinsky (21, Germany)
Asako Fukuda (19, Japan)
Molin Han (15, China)
Ziyu He (16, China)
Ariel Horowitz (19, USA)
Do Gyung Im (18, South Korea)
Yookyung Kang (19, South Korea)
Jeein Kim (20, South Korea)
Marie Isabel Kropfitsch (19, Austria)
Nan Joo Lee (20, South Korea)
Yoojin Lee (17, South Korea)
Youjin Lee (20, South Korea)
HyunJae Lim (18, South Korea)
Mathilde Milwidsky (21, UK)
Juliette Roos (20, UK)
Louisa Staples (15, UK)
KellyTalim (20, USA)

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