Fabio Luisi

With the trade name ‘FL Parfums – Artisan Perfumery | New York – Zurich – Camogli’ a renowned conductor allows himself a second favorite activity: Fabio Luisi is a creator of perfumes.

So we read on the website of ‘FL Parfums’: « I am Fabio Luisi – a professional musician and conductor in international concert halls and opera houses, involved in many aspects of music and art. For many years I have also had a secret passion for another art which I have studied and practiced to bring to you today: perfumery. »

Luisi says he created perfumes individually for friends for several years and now, « like a musician should present himself to a larger audience at some point, it’s time to present my perfumes to a ‘vast’ audience, like  in a concert hall or in an opera house. »

Luisi’s y perfumes are not mainstream, they are crafted from natural substances from all over the world, among them frankincense from Oman,    myrrh from Ethiopia, vetiver from Haiti, sandalwood from India and New Caledonia, ambergris from New Zealand and many others… Luisi: « I bring these exotic ingredients together in order to create, with patience and painstaking care, unique and special perfume recipes. Music, like the art of creating perfume, is an art of blending – blending sounds in music, blending aromatic substances in perfumery. FL Parfums are unique in the world of scents. »

The conductor however seems not interested in any money from this activity. He says: « All profits from FL Parfums go to my wife’s charitable foundation, the Luisi Academy of Music and the Visual Arts. »

More information: www.flparfums.com/


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