The European Commission has finally found short and, above all, long term solutions to keep the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) alive. These solutions are also the result of a close cooperation with the European Parliament.

The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, who gave his patronage to the EUYO when he took office, said: « For the last 40 years, the European Union Youth Orchestra has symbolised Europe’s cultural diversity. The Commission has been proud to support the Orchestra from the very beginning. When I learned that the Orchestra had financial problems, I was very worried and I immediately asked my Commissioners to find a solution. Today, I am happy to announce that we have found a solution, which will allow the European Union Youth Orchestra to continue in 2016 and 2017 and even beyond. I want to thank the European Parliament for helping us to find the solution and notably MEPs Silvia Costa and José Manuel Fernandes. Together we have shown that we can find creative solutions by overcoming bureaucratic procedures when something is in the interest of our citizens. I wish the European Union Youth Orchestra a very successful future. »

A solution for 2016 to prevent the Orchestra from closing down would be based on an amendment of the Creative Europe programme’s current work programme, the main EU funding instrument for the cultural sector, by the implementation of an action grant for the amount of EUR 600.000.

For 2017, the European Parliament is proposing a « pilot project » to ensure that the EUYO has operational funding by amending the Commission’s general budget proposal. The Commission would support this amendment. Several Member States expressed their support for the EUYO during the EU Culture and Audiovisual Council which took place on 31 May.

In the long run, the Commission will propose to the European Parliament and to the Council sustainable solutions in the framework of the Creative Europe Programme which will provide certainty for the EUYO to continue its activities. In parallel, the Orchestra is invited to seek additional, complementary sources of financing to expand its activities.

The services of the Commission will work on the details to ensure that the activities and expenditures of the EUYO are managed according to the rules and to ensure there is tight control over how funds are used and that the money is spent in a transparent, accountable manner.

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