A multimedia show of the Esch2022 Capital of Culture project recently allowed a preview of what will happen in 2022 on the border-crossing territory of the European Capital of Culture in Luxembourg and France.

The identité sonore (acoustic identity) of Esch2022, was written by the composer David Ianni. At the end of the multimedia information trail, virtual reality technology was used to provide a preview of the grand opening ceremony on 22 February 2022. The closing ceremony on 22 December 2022 will then be held on the theme of Re-Start, because the objective is clearly not to organise only a festival year, but to initiate a change together with the people in the region so that it can fully flourish. Starting in March, the theme of sponsorship will be at the top of the agenda of those responsible for the project. The team will work with the strategic communications companies to develop a concept for the possible financing of the submitted projects and implement it as quickly as possible. Using the matchmaking principle, the aim is to connect creative people with companies that could become suitable investors.

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