Following the protection measures taken by the new POTUS*, entering the United States can become a nightmare for performing artists, even when they do not come from one of the banned countries.

The GG Arts Law Bulletin said that The White House’s latest Executive Order « potentially affects all foreign artists coming to the U.S., from students/ young artists to competition and festival participants. » And it has been said also that artists have being held and detained for hours upon entering the U.S. to determine whether or not they are performing. Pizzicato heard from artists based in Luxembourg that they had been denied the entry of the United States or had enormous difficulties to get their visas.

The reason why such problems can arise is that « an Immigration Officer has the unfettered authority and discretion to deny entry to any artist from any nationality for any reason. » This means that any artist is at the mercy of the Immigration officer his various moods and his personal level of xenophobia.

Sarcastically the GG Arts Law Bulletin not only says that artists should

plan well in advance but they should bring snacks when traveling into the U.S. in case they are held or detained as there is no food available in the Immigration offices.

*President of the United States

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