The Swedish Polar Music Prize 2022 is awarded to the Paris-based Ensemble Intercontemporain, founded by Pierre Boulez. The Statement says: « Ensemble Intercontemporain is the Stradivarius of modern music and has inspired the greatest composers of our time to create new masterpieces since the 1970s. Thanks to its openness to new technology and collaborating with other art forms, this groundbreaking ensemble has been enormously important for pushing progress. Ensemble intercontemporain is made up of 31 soloists and has a repertoire that now includes over 3,000 modern pieces. Thanks to its focus on creativity, innovation and high quality, as well as focusing on engaging with young musicians, the ensemble has helped to advance the entire world of music.

Ensemble Intercontemporain is presently led by Matthias Pintscher. He says: ‘I’m beyond excited to be coming to Stockholm in May to receive the Polar Music Prize.’

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