Heir to the baroque music born in the Jesuit missions of Amazonia in the 17th century, the Ensamble Moxos will present its Majara’iwa-Resplandor show in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Ensamble Moxos, the flagship of the San Ignacio de Moxos School of Music, has become eastern Bolivia’s leading cultural ambassador to the world, thanks to its abundant record production and frequent national and international tours, which have won unanimous praise from audiences and specialists alike.

The performances, an amalgam of the cross-fertilization of baroque music imported from Europe by Jesuit missionaries in colonial times and indigenous expressions, are captivating in their creativity.

The director of Ensamble Moxos, Raquel Maldonado, has composed a Moxeña mass inspired by the sonic imagination and oral tradition of this region of Bolivian Amazonia, bringing together the Baroque instruments inherited from the Jesuit missionaries and the Moxeña language.

This composition marks a new stage in Ensamble’s contribution to the musical tradition of Moxos.

The European tour stops in Luxembourg for a concert at the Eglise Saint Michel on October 13, 2023 at 8pm.

Admission: Adults 20€, under 18s and students 15€ (payment at the evening box office)

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