Elisabeth Leonskaja
(c) Jo Schwartz

Elisabeth Leonskaja has been awarded the ICMA Lifetime Achievement Award. Jury member Radio Romania Muzical has published an interview with the pianist, in which she is talking about her career.

When the journalist Monica Isacescu asked her if she « were 18 again, would you go the same way, that of the piano performance? », Leonskaja answered: « Perhaps, I would. You know… it’s an endless road. I was talking to an old friend from Bucharest about the thing David Oistrakh had once told me: ‘I’ve recorded all Beethoven’s sonatas thrice, and I never got bored.’ As a student, I didn’t understand why he was talking about boredom. Now I see what he’d meant. And then, I said it myself: ‘You know, I’ve been playing the piano for so many years… but I haven’t had enough yet.’ Yes, it’s an endless thing. »

The entire interview is here.


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