Elbphilharmonie-Breaking Waves
(c) Moka-Studio

Originally planned for 11 January 2022 to mark the Elbphilharmonie’s 5th birthday, the kinetic installation Breaking Waves by the Dutch artist duo DRIFT will now be running on 28 April at 23:00 and from 29 April until 1 May, at 22:30 each day. Spectators can experience the moving light artwork on the Elbphilharmonie for free from any location in which the western tip and the southern side of the building are clearly visible.

Hundreds of illuminated drones will dance around the  building and enhance the architecture. When choreographing the drones around the Elbphilharmonie, artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of DRIFT, which was founded in 2007, drew inspiration from the second movement of the Piano Concerto by Thomas Adès − an intoxicating work blending classical and jazz, and the central piece in the anniversary concert on 11 January. The music can be accessed at www.elbphilharmonie.de while watching the light installation.



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