With a Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation three national American organisations, Sphinx Organization, New World Symphony, and League of American Orchestras form a National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS) with the long-term goal of increasing diversity in American orchestras.

The Alliance will offer a holistic and personalized array of support to Black and Latinx musicians to develop their audition skills, increase their participation in auditions, and ultimately, increase their representation in orchestras.

“This unprecedented collective action on the part of America’s orchestras addresses some of the main barriers to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in orchestras,” said Jesse Rosen, President and CEO, League of American Orchestras. “The unique and coordinated network of support is informed by research and extensive discussions with many Black and Latinx musicians as well as many other individuals in orchestras and higher education.

The first NAAS Audition Intensive takes place June 6-8, 2018, hosted by the New World Symphony in Miami. The Sphinx Orchestral Partners Auditions (SOPA) take place in Detroit during the annual Sphinx Connect conference in February 2019. The mentoring program is in development.

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