The Opéra Rouen Normandie says in a press release that the budgetary fragility combined with the inflationary context of the last few months, will not allow to maintain all of the announced programming.

The opera house will close for 6 weeks. Thus, in the coming months, the following shows will be cancelled:  the participatory opera Cinderella or the Grand Hotel of Dreams scheduled from April 1 to 5; the French premiere of The Convert scheduled for May 4 and 6;  the Notes gourmandes « Contes en musique » on April 12;  the Cordes Dansantes concerts on April 13 and 14;  the Notes gourmandes « Ouvertures » on May 3; and the chamber music concert Souvenirs et métamorphoses on May 7.

This means that 15,000 spectators, including 12,000 children, will be deprived of these programs.

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