Two of the opera singers who blamed Placido Domingo for sexual misconduct have reacted to the Spaniard’s recent interviews in which he claimed he has always behaved like a gentleman and never acted improperly with women. According to the news agency AP which published the initial complaints, two of the more than 20 women who accused Domingo, Angela Turner Wilson and Patricia Wulf, issued a statement Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, saying they found Domingo’s comments and his « continued failure to take responsibility for wrongdoing » to be disappointing and deeply disturbing.Domingo has said he always behaved like a gentleman but that « gallant gestures are viewed differently nowadays. »

« There is nothing ‘chivalrous’ or ‘gallant’ about groping a woman in the workplace, in any country or era, » Wilson and Wulf said in the statement issued through their attorney, Debra Katz.

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