Placido Domingo

Addressing the misconduct allegations towards him, Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo, 81, said in an interview with El Mundo that he had done nothing wrong and regretted not speaking out sooner. In 2020 an investigation by the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) concluded that Domingo, had behaved inappropriately with female performers, as they were told by more than three dozen singers, dancers, musicians, voice teachers and backstage staff who said they had witnessed or experienced inappropriate behavior over three decades. Domingo answered in a statement that he was « truly sorry for the hurt I caused them ».

Subsequently many planned performances of Domingo were cancelled. Yet now Domingo told El Mundo that he had never harassed anyone. « The main mistake I made was to remain silent for too much time, » he said in written answers to questions from the paper. « I don’t like controversy. For that reason, I stood aside and kept my counsel while watching how, in an instant, years of work and effort were erased. » Domingo added that his apologies never admitted any wrongdoing.

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