Sung Jin Hong

Defiant is the title of a concert by New York based One World Symphony next Sunday, January 22, at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Ninth Avenue and 28th Street. The concert will comprise world premieres of two compositions by Sung Jin Hong, the orchestra’s Artistic Director and Conductor. The two works for symphony orchestra and vocalists are based on texts from Charles Chaplin’s The Great Dictator (1940) and Michelle Obama’s Shaken Me to My Core, the speech in which the First lady was hammering Donald Trump for vulgar comments he has made about women.

In a promotion text, the orchestra says; « During World War II, Charlie Chaplin appealed for a new world where tolerance, love, and kindness reigned. His impassioned speech from the 1940 film The Great Dictator resonates today more than ever. Seventy-six years later, with vocal gravitas, Michelle Obama delivered an ardent address condemning the abuse and harassment of women. Not only did her words crystallize feelings of outrage and hurt, her message went beyond the politics of the moment. »

More information is available here.

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