It must be the first time in history that a prize winner enters the stage by bike with a big red cello case on the back. That is how Danish cellist Ida Riegels met the audience in the Danish Radio Concert Hall.

Every year Danish Radio awards what they call the Fiery Soul of the year. The prize goes to a person who is making classical music accessible for more people.And Ida Riegels had a good reason for arriving by bicycle, because she was awarded for her environmentally friendly way of bringing classical music to new listeners by bicycle.

Ida Riegels is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music and for the last three years she has been establishing herself as a cycling cellist with concert tours by bicycle in Germany, through Europe and in Denmark.

The jury awarded her for “Her contemporary and environmental friendly way of sharing classical music on a highly professional level, inspiring to a truly exceptional degree across age, gender and cultural background.”

The clip from the award concert can be seen here.

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