Daniele Gatti
Photo: Marco dos Santos

Conductor Daniele Gatti, who has been one of the MCO’s Artistic Partners since 2015, has been appointed the orchestra’s Artistic Advisor. In this new role, Daniele Gatti will work with Mahler Chamber Orchestra musicians to shape the orchestra’s artistic profile, as well as develop projects and programmes that will be performed several times throughout each season.

Daniele Gatti and the MCO are currently on a tour that concludes a complete cycle of Beethoven’s symphonies, with concerts in Torino, Ferrara, Bergamo and Brescia. This Beethoven cycle, which has taken place over two seasons and four tours, received special mention as one of the projects for which Daniele Gatti was awarded the prestigious Franco Abbiati Prize 2016 by the Associazione Nazionale Critici Musicali.

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