John Axelrod

Swiss-American conductor John Axelrod has joined the roster of Felsner Artists. The agency says: « With more than twenty-five years of experience conducting nearly 200 orchestras worldwide, John Axelrod has established himself as one of today’s leading international conductors. His extraordinarily diverse repertoire, from core classics, both orchestral and operatic, to contemporary to crossover, his innovative programming themes, musical depth and charismatic performance style have been widely praised and recognized by both audiences and critics. In 2020, John Axelrod received the ICMA Special Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions and interpretations. Felsner Artists are delighted to welcome John Axelrod for worldwide general management! »

John Axelrod says: “It is with great honor and pride to announce my general management with Felsner Artists. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Marcus Felsner for his support and trust, and I am so excited about some major news which will be announced soon after the New Year. I join an illustrious roster of great artists, many of whom I know and with whom I have already collaborated. Dr. Felsner will help lead a comprehensive strategy encompassing my creative and entrepreneurial activities. This is a new management model and I am so pleased to finally find the right partner.”


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