Conducting the Luxembourg Philharmonic during one of the Philharmonie’s popular Ciné-Concerts with Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver (1976), American-born, UK-based conductor Robert Ziegler collapsed on stage. Paramedics from an ambulance rushed on stage and reanimated the conductor who was then taken to a hospital. The concert was cancelled. No official information is available from the Philharmonie so far. According to his twitter account, Robert Ziegler is a persevering marathon runner.

Update: The conductor said via Fabebook today afternoon: « All is well after my turn with the xlnt @LuxPhilharmonie. Sadly just had some issues with Adrenalin and lack of dinner. The good thing about conducting is that there’s ALWAYS a Doctor in the House. Or 3, in this case. Thanks for all of your attention. No heart issues. Just fainting. Now I know what vasovagal syncope is – Otherwise known as concerto for face plant and orchestra. »

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