On March 16th, 2014, dozens of classical musicians from Venezuela and other parts of the world (among them pianist Gabriela Montero) will unite, instruments in hand, to perform the first ‘Concert For Liberty Of Venezuela’ in the city of Berlin. Conductor Carlos Izcaray, who is one of the organizers, writes: « It has become evident to us Venezuelans that there is a large gap of misinformation regarding the terrible events that are currently taking place in our country, and we find it our civic duty to publicly protest against the horrible human rights violations being perpetrated by the Venezuelan government. Venezuela-KonzertThese crimes range from the silencing of the press, to systematic torture, the persecution of dissenting citizens, and most recently the murders of innocent and unarmed civilians by both the armed forces and paramilitary groups loyal to the regime. It is thus our mission to inform the public on the matter of the collapse of Venezuelan democracy, and to call out for support from the international community. As our actions are based solely on universal principles, this concert will have no political affiliation whatsoever. We ask all of you who believe in the fundamental rights of all mankind to come join us in this non-violent yet firm shout for liberty, democracy, and peace. »

The event will take place at 18:00hrs at the Emmaus Kirche, in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.

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