The ‘Roche Young Commissions 2025 has been awarded to the Catalan composer Guillem Palomar and the German Jakob Raab. This award will thus enable both of them to write an orchestral work to be premiered by the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO) at the 2025 edition of the Lucerne Summer Festival. In the summer of 2024, Palomar and Raab will discuss the works in progress during the Lucerne Academy together with the orchestra and composers Wolfgang Rihm and Dieter Ammann.

‘Roche Young Commissions’ is an award that since 2013 the Lucerne Festival has been giving every two years to two young composers. The award entails the commissioning of an orchestral work that the young musicians will write over two years under the direction of Wolfgang Rihm, Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival Academy, and which will finally be premiered within the framework of the prestigious Swiss festival.

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