The French composer Philippe Manoury’s suitcase was stolen on 6th November on the train between Strasbourg and Mannheim. The suitcase contained 40 pages of drafts for a new work for string quartet as well as copies of the fourth movement of Pierre Boulez’s String Quartet ‘Livre pour Quatuor’.

Manoury’s agent Karsten Witt has published this appeal: « To the thief we would just like to say: do what you will with the rest of the suitcase’s contents, but the scores have no material worth and are invaluable to Philippe Manoury. This loss is a great blow for the composer and endangers the concert in which the work was to be premiered. Please place the scores in a public place so that they can be found.If anyone sees or hears anything, please contact or +49 30 214 594 220. »

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