The plane might still be an appropriate way of traveling, but it has become increasingly unpleasant. If, as a Luxembourger, you experience the very poor service of Luxembourg’s national carrier or of other European airlines, you might be astonished, as I was, to experience a quality service which is fare from usual, I name the one of Turkish Airlines. My recent trip from Luxembourg to Ankara via Istanbul was therefore a more than pleasant experience, with good leg space, a high quality food an a truly welcoming service from the flights attendants. Though my entire trip in order to prepare ICMA’s Gala 2015 with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra in Ankara was characterized by the immense kindness and the outstanding sense of cooperation of ICMA’s Turkish partners, the airline service was a major element to make me feel well. So, back to my office, I look confidently to what certainly will be a great Award Ceremony and a great concert on March 28 next year. And I will, of course, travel by my favorite airline.

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