As expected, the distributor Coda BvbA (Codaex) was declared bankrupt yesterday by a Belgian Court. About 30 employees lost their job. From the time when this event has been foreseen, Coda’s partner New Arts International (NAI) has worked to set up a new distribution service. According to a press release from today, a contract has been signed between New Arts, Sony DADC and BBL (Black Box Logistics) in Almere/Netherlands. The new distribution service will be operational as from the next week on.

According to NAI, BBL is an innovative and strong company, perfectly suitable for the new task. NAI also announces that the following labels already signed a new distribution contract: RCO (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), Melodiya, ABC Commercial, Channel Classics, Dabringhaus und Grimm (MDG), Hänssler, London Symphony Orchestra, Linn Records Limited, Evil Penguin, Cobra, Neos, Globe Signum Records, Resonance Records, Querstand. Other labels are supposed to join the new service. Among Codaex’ former clients were BIS, Chandos, Melodyia etc.

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