Benjamin Woodroffe & Remy Franck during the interview

Classeek, an organization dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and supporting classical musicians worldwide, announces the launch of Insights by Classeek, a premium video library offering interviews with key figures in the classical music industry. The first series features 8 episodes on Media and PR, and is available for €95 only at

Insights by Classeek is designed to provide aspiring classical musicians with a unique opportunity to gain insider knowledge and guidance from renowned industry experts.

Featuring intimate interviews with leaders from various brands (among them Remy Franck, editor in chief of Pizzicato and President of the International Classical Music Awards), Insights by Classeek offers an unprecedented look at the personalities and strategies shaping the classical music world.

« At Classeek, we are committed to empowering the next generation of classical musicians by providing them with access to practical and useful insights and resources, » said Catarina Amon, CEO of Classeek. « Insights by Classeek is the culmination of this vision, offering users a curated collection of interviews and discussions that illuminate the inner workings of the classical music industry. »

Benjamin Woodroffe & Remy Franck during the interview

Key features of Insights by Classeek include:

  • Exclusive Access to Industry Leaders. Meet some of the biggest names in the classical music industry, all in one place. Insights opens the door to exclusive conversations with the decision-makers shaping the classical music landscape.
  • Insider Knowledge and Practical Insights. Go beyond traditional interviews with industry figures to uncover personal, firsthand stories, practical advice, and insights into what separates good musicians from outstanding artists.
  • Blended Learning and Inspiration. Watch interviews that strike a balance between education and inspiration, offering a rich and engaging experience for viewers at all stages of their musical journey.

For more information and to access Insights by Classeek, visit

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