Classeek’s Ambassador program is consolidating its active support, becoming ever more diversified to support the program’s young talents. It has now found a solid base, and many musicians at the start of their careers are applying. Here you can discover the list of young musicians selected to join the Ambassador 2023/2024 program, as well as the season of their concerts broadcast online.

September 14: Tomoki Park, piano & Martin Consonni; Ambassador: András Schiff

November 2: Dmitry Smirnov, violin; Ambassador: Sonia Simmenauer

January 25: Clarissa Bevilacqua, violin, Winner of the Classeek open instrument competition

March 7: Madelyn Kowalski, cello; Ambassador: Steven Isserlis

March 27: Sáo Soulez-Larivière, viola; Winner of ICMA Young Artist Award April 24: Trio Pantoum; Ambassador: Miguel Da Silva. First ensemble to join the Ambassadeur program. The trio will perform in several formations:
– with Miguel da Silva
– with another Claseek artist and an artist from the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
– The concert will be performed at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth the day before.

June 11: Elise Bertrand, Winner of Claseek’s open application to composers;   First composer of the Ambassador program. The composition commissioned by Classeek will be performed by artists from the Ambassadeur program.

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