Eva Gevorgyan

The Chopin Competition continues to make news. Pizzicato already criticized the organization for letting teachers vote whose students were candidates. In Poland however the most discussed topic is the absence in the winner list of Russian pianist Eva Gevorgyan, winner of the ICMA Discovery Award 2019, who fascinated audience and critics, everybody but the Jury. The newspaper Wyborcza said: « The Chopin Competition 2021 was a contest of great talents. But why did the jury leave out one of the greatest? (…) there is something fishy about this easily predictable – at least from the third stage – verdict. The laureates do not include former favourite Eva Gevorgyan. (…) The verdict turned out to be shocking only in one case. The jurors completely ignored 17-year-old Eva Gevorgian, representing Russia and Armenia. She is an exceptional piano talent… »

Eva Gevorgyan

Other journalists too speak of a scandal. And Polish pianist Piotr Anderszewski was quoted by Polish media: « I cannot understand that a musician of Eva Gevorgyan’s talent and sensibility is not among the laureates. It is shocking for me. »

We also hear that for the time being she is has already been engaged for a number of concerts in Poland, more than some winners. And an insider says: « This situation could be even better for her, than to get something like the 4th or 6th prize. »

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