A charcoal sketch by legendary Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso of himself and famed operatic French bass Pol Plancon along with six of his other drawings will be auctioned online by Nate D. Sanders on March 27. The caricature shows Caruso wearing an expression of apparent self-satisfaction, with spirals of smoke wafting up from his mouth. Caruso’s distinctive drawing style is evident in this sketch, which he inscribes,  »Enrico Caruso / Buenos Aires / 1917 » at the bottom left. Other drawings include homage to Caruso’s Argentina trek, two portraits of Plancon, a portrait of a colleague and a humorous self-portrait.























Additional information on the Enrico Caruso sketches can be found at http://natedsanders.com/catalog.aspx?searchby=3&searchvalue=%20Enrico%20Caruso

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