After 40 years as a charitable service organization for Canada’s musicians, the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists is ceasing operations November 30. Eleanor Friedland, president of the IRCPA Board, made the announcement.

The organization was run by Ann Summers Dossena who developed innovative programs to serve the needs of Canadian artists. She had started the organization in 1983 as the « Ann Summers Resource Centre for Performing Artists », with the support of some of Canada’s leading musicians. After retiring from her job as artists’ manager in 2013 she channelled her energy to become full-time volunteer artistic director of the IRCPA.

« Over four decades, our goal has been to help Canadian musicians, mostly opera singers, whose career span may be limited, but also other performing artists, to become aware of the international stages available to them and of how they measure up in their search for excellence, » said Ms. Summers Dossena. « After many years of being essentially the only such organization helping musicians in this way, we are pleased to see the torch being taken up by a number of others with appropriate funding, who are offering feedback on artists’ skills and knowledge of the music industry. »

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