On the 3rd of December The Kersjes Fund will award the annual Kersjesprize and bursaries to excellent young musicians at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. This year the prestigious Kersjesprize (€50.000) will be awarded to the Busch Trio, and the bursaries will go to violinist Ruña ‘t Hart and conductor Stijn Berkouwer. Additionally, the Babylon Quartet will receive a scholarship to support their studies and career.

Violinist Mathieu van Bellen (1988), pianist Omri Epstein (1986) and his younger brother and cellist Ori Epstein (1993) formed the Busch Trio in 2012, named after the legendary violinist ,conductor and composer Adolf Busch (1891-1952). The young piano trio has developed within a short space of time to an ensemble of the highest level. An already impressive concert agenda, both nationally and internationally, promises an illustrious international career, to which the prize for excellent talent hopes to contribute. ‘With their warm sound, perfect balance and captivating music making, they are the ideal interpreters for the rich piano trio repertoire,’ according to The Kersjes Fund.


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