The Diocese of Buffalo canceled a concert of the Summer Choir Festival citing a lineup that included the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus. The group’s « values are inconsistent with Catholic teaching » the Diocese said.

The festival, which is hosted by the Greater Buffalo Friends of Music, is no longer being held at St. Joseph Cathedral. Instead it will be held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on Main St. on June 9 at 4 p.m.

Following the diocese’s decision to cancel the festival, Tim Socha, music director at St. Joseph Cathedral and artistic director of Greater Buffalo Friends of Music, submitted his resignation to the Cathedral after 17 years.

In a letter from the Congress of the United states, Rep. Tim Kennedy has called for the reversal of the decision in a letter to Bishop Michael Fisher.

« Growing up Catholic, the most important lesson taught to me and my siblings was the importance of helping people, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” said Kennedy. « Our job is to help those who are in need, to stand up for those who are forgotten by society, and to build a better world based on love and understanding. This can be summed up by Mark 12:31: You must love your neighbor as yourself. It is my hope that the diocese will embrace this view as well and reverse this decision. »

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