Andreas Haefliger

BIS Records has announced the start of an important new collaboration with Swiss pianist Andreas Haefliger. The first disc, to be released in Spring 2018, will be Perspectives 7, the latest in Haefliger’s series of very personal programme constellations that each take a Beethoven sonata as their point of departure and development. The first 6 volumes in the Perspectives series were released by Avie Records.

Future recording plans with BIS will include the continuation of the Perspectives series, solo recital discs of other repertoire, and concerto recordings with major international conductors and orchestras.

BIS President Robert von Bahr said: “When I founded BIS some almost 45 years ago, Andreas Haefliger wasn’t even a teenager. Then we each have developed in parallel to becoming a top choice in our respective professions. It is therefore with some considerable pride that we now can announce that our paths will merge, always going in the same direction – to even greater artistic heights. Welcome to the BIS gang, Mr. Haefliger!”

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