The homophobe comments by René Pape (see underneath) have engendered many negative reactions. Now, the Berlin State Opera is reacting too. On their Facebook page they qualified the Pape comments as ‘intolerable’. Here is the text: « The comments René Pape posted on social media regarding the Metropolitan Opera’s participation in the Pride Parade in New York have caused great irritation in the house and among the management. René Pape is a long-standing and valued member of the ensemble of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, who can currently be seen on our stage, and management sought out a personal discussion with him about these intolerable comments directly. It is clear that homophobia and discrimination of any kind have absolutely no place in our house and will not be accepted. During the conversation, René Pape announced that he will publish a statement and we would like to give him the opportunity to do so.

As an institution, we want to make an explicit statement for LGBTQIA diversity and against hate and discrimination. For respect at eye level, tolerance, and togetherness. We want to be clear that we support all members of the community.(…). »

Now, let’s wait for Pape’s answer. Yet, what can he say? That he was homophobe and no longer is? Even an apology will not let people believe that he made a 180 degree-turnaround. The stupid comment will continue to tarnish his career.

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