The BBC has published a news release about the future of the BBC Singers and the BBC Orchestras. The good nes is that that the BBC Singers will continue being « an integral part of the BBC’s classical music provision, drawing on support from a third party, The VOCES8 Foundation. BBC Singers staff will continue to be employed by the BBC, with a strong artistic identity, and remain core to BBC Radio 3 and the BBC Proms. »

For the orchestras, the statement says: « In addition, over the past months the BBC has also been working closely with the Musicians’ Union to consider opportunities for the BBC’s orchestras.

In maintaining all of the BBC’s distinctive orchestras, we will consider the resourcing levels which support each ensemble as their work develops across broadcast, education and commercial activity. This will be a gradual process in which we will work closely with the Unions and our musicians, alongside a review to modernise terms and conditions making sure these are aligned with the BBC’s principles of fairness and transparency. »

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