Cecilia Bartoli
(c) Ulli Weber/Decca

In 2012, after 20 years of absence, Cecilia Bartoli sung again at Milan’s La Scala. Tonight she was announced for another concert, yet, due to a heavy cold, she had to cancel, a catastrophe for the many fans of her.

Bartoli said: « I feel sad and disappointed to give up this concert, which was so important to me. I have been hoping until the last moment to be able to sing tonight. I thank all those who bought tickets and were waiting for this evening. Mr Pereira and I are looking for a new date to reschedule the concert as soon as possible. »

At such short notice, La Scala expects that many people, uninformed, will turn up for the concert. Therefore the management has arranged for free access to a concert with I Barocchisti and Diego Fasolis who were to accompany Bartoli.

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