The website Bachtrack, an international database for music events, announced in a press release its 2016 Classical Music Statistics. Among the highlights is the statement that the Japanese are the most Romantic nation in the world: 67% of works performed in Japan in concert come from the Romantic period. And the Japanese come to the fore again when we look at when they attend concerts. 28% of concerts scheduled in Japan (according to the Bachtrack database) take place during the afternoons, mainly at the weekend. That is a radical change from Europe where audiences don’t get that option with just 8% of concerts being scheduled between 2 – 5pm and about the same percentage taking place between 5 – 7pm.

Beethoven is again the most performed composer with 6/10 of his works in the top 10 works performed by any composer in concert.  His Symphonies 5,7,3 and 6 made it into the top 10 as well as his Violin Concerto and Piano Concerto no. 5. The most performed work is Symphony no. 5 which enjoyed 145 performances in 2016.

Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D major breaks into the top 10 works at no. 3, its highest ranking ever, while his Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture continues its 5 year rise to no. 22.

Regarding busiest men, Valery Gergiev performed nearly every other day, and the New York Philharmonic retained its status as the busiest orchestra. French brothers Renaud and Gautier Capuçon were both runners up in the categories of busiest violinist and busiest cellist in 2016.

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