Placido Domingo

The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) announced that formal union disciplinary charges were filed against opera singer Placido Domingo. This came after the Union concluded an investigation about the singer. The investigation had « substantiated sexual harassment allegations against Mr. Domingo », AGMA says.

“AGMA stands with the brave individuals who came forward and fought against the crisis of sexual harassment that greatly pervades our industries,” said Ray Menard, AGMA President, who filed the charges in his capacity as a member of AGMA. “Given the seriousness of the confirmed allegations, and the number of members who have been affected, I believe the right, and only thing to do at this stage is to begin formal disciplinary procedures by filing charges against Mr. Domingo.”

The statement says: « It is important to note that AGMA’s leadership cannot impose any penalties without following the applicable disciplinary procedures. Mr. Domingo, like all union members, will be afforded due process and given an opportunity to respond to the charges against him before a hearing panel. Charges could result in a wide range of discipline, from fines, suspension, and censure, to expulsion. »

Meanwhile, the Washington National Opera took Placido Domingo’s name off the young artist development programme he co-founded, the Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program.

The company said, WNO’s apprentice program for early-career opera singers and pianists will be called the Cafritz Young Artists of Washington National Opera, retaining in the name The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, which has generously supported the program for nearly two decades.

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