Robert Spano
(c) Atlanta Symphony

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra announced on Saturday that a deal with the musicians has been reached and that, after a two-month lockout, the orchestra will begin its 70th season. The opening concert will be on November 13, with the music director, Robert Spano, leading the orchestra and chorus in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

The agreement ends a period of negotiations that had led to canceled concerts. The musicians, whose salary was reduced by 14 to 15 percent in 2012 will benefit from a pay increase by 6 percent over the new four-year contract. They will also have a new health care plan, with higher premium contributions. In terms of orchestra seize, the deal goes for 77 musicians in the first year, 81 musicians in the second, and commitments for 84 musicians in the third year and 88 in the fourth.

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