Bernard Haitink

Italian newspapers report on what they call the rebirth of Claudio Abbado’s Orchestra Mozart. And indeed, as Pizzicato announced in June 2016, the Bologna based ensemble plays today, 6 January, a concert under the baton of Bernard Haitink, with soloist Isabelle Faust, a concert that will be given also in Lugano on 8 January. These are the first concerts after three years, and the orchestra itself says on its website that it is the beginning of « the new era of the Orchestra Mozart ». The event however « is made possible by Bernard Haitink and Isabelle Faust, two of the great OM friends who have immediately answered our call. » Presumably, Haitink and Faust will not get a fee.

On the other hand, one figure shows that the future of this orchestra is more than uncertain, since the endowment campaign started a year ago brought just €91.000, donated by 1.092 donors. The campaign is going on and no further activities seem to be planned.



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