A new recording label has been announced, Luxembourg Classics, dedicated to enhancing and celebrating the classical music scene in Luxembourg. « Luxembourg Classics is uniquely positioned to nurture and showcase the region’s rich musical talents, focusing on quality, innovation, and community enrichment », the press release says.

Luxembourg Classics announces a diverse range of upcoming projects, including exclusive recordings, live performances, and collaborative ventures. Scheduled releases include Bach partitas performed by Tingshuo Yang, Lidderflupp – a project that reinterprets Luxembourg’s folkloric songs for philharmonic orchestra, featuring Georges Urwald, Deborah Marinkovic and the Luxembourg Philharmonic under the baton of Ivan Boumans, the Stephanie Ortega Trio with a vibrant blend of Latin-American rhythms and melodies, with innovative arrangements of Piazzolla by Christophe Delporte, Brahms and Franck-Violin Sonatas performed by Martha Khadem-Missagh and Jean Muller.

The label is run par producer Marco Battistella, pianist Jean Muller, pianist, Françoise Tonteling, pianist Olivier Roberti, Maro Battistella Sr. and Celestina Knapp.

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