During the Nobel Peace Prize weekend, the Composers Without Borders platform was founded in Oslo. The new platform aims to unite the many voices among musicians that want to make a difference in the world and set an example for peace by making music. Composers Without Borders is giving composers, interpreters and performers the possibility to present their projects, thereby strengthen their activities and set examples for further engagement.

Composers Without Borders encourages musicians from safe countries to engage for peace by showing examples. By bundling activities, the platform wants to stimulate artists to go out there and help. It gives examples, how to engage in and create collaborations between fractions, countries, political and religious views through music and encourages to connect with actors of other projects. Ideally during the year activities can be collected and the three most attractive projects will be presented at the Nobel Peace Prize 2023.

Composers Without Borders offers a safe space and peace to write a piece and it invites composers from war zones to work in peace in Bibalos House in Oslo to recharge their energy as well as to testify and tell about the situation in their home country with their performance.


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