The Egyptian Ministry of Culture revealed that over 800,000 people attended 760 events held at various venues managed by the Cairo Opera House during the 2023-2024 season.

The 760 events took place at multiple stages of the Cairo Opera House, the Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theatre in Alexandria), and the Damanhour Opera House, in addition to El-Gomhoreya Theatre and Sayed Darwish Theatre in Cairo.

The highest number of attendees was recorded at performances held on the Cairo Opera House’s main stage, small hall, open-air theatre, and fountain theatre. These stages hosted music events, ballet and opera performances, cultural salons, poetry evenings, intellectual seminars, a cinema club, and other activities.

The Cairo Symphony Orchestra gave nearly 30 concerts in its 65th season this year at the Opera’s main hall, many of which were conducted by the orchestra’s principal conductor and music director, Ahmed El-Saedi.

Stages outside the capital, such as the Alexandria Opera House and Damanhour Opera House, presented a significant number of their local talents and orchestras and occasionally hosted artists from Cairo.

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